New Immigrant To Canada, Want to Buy A House? The Information You MUST Know…


New Immigrant Specialist

New Immigrant
New Immigrant

New Immigrant – Mortgage Insurance Program makes it possible for a New Immigrant relocating to Canada to purchase a home sooner with as little as 5% down. Through this program, Genworth helps new immigrants purchase their first home, build equity, and become economically established in Canada.

• Up to 95% LTV for qualified borrowers
• No minimum income requirements
• Increased qualification options
• Available up to 36 months after arrival
• Standard Premiums apply
• Extended amortizations available up to 40 years

New To CanadaTM Mortgage Insurance
Program features:

• Opportunity: helping new Canadians own their home sooner and become economically established in Canada
• Low down payment: as little as 5% down
• Flexible: fixed, variable, or adjustable rate mortgages permitted
• Common-sense evaluation: review all files by individual circumstance
• Portable: insurance can be applied to a new loan

Contact  Peter for details on getting your

LTV Documentation
All Loan to Values • Valid work permit or verification of landed immigrant status
• Income confirmation
• Down payment confirmation
• Purchase and Sale agreement
Up to 90% • Letter of reference from a recognized financial institution, OR
• Six (6) months of bank statements from primary account
90.01 – 95% • International credit report demonstrating a strong credit profile, OR
• Two (2) alternative sources of credit demonstrating timely payments (no arrears) for the past
12 months. The two alternative sources required are:
• Rental payment history confirmed via letter from landlord and bank statements
• One other alternative source (hydro/utilities, telephone, cable) to be confirmed via letter
from the service provider or 12 months billing statements


New Immigrant
New Immigrant

If you are unsure of what is best for you, please give me a call and we can find out if you qualify for this program right away!













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